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New Blog Post By Emily Braun – June 27th, 2018

5 Conversation Resignation

To speak up and speak out is a privilege. Animals rely on signs and noises. Babies must whine and yearn. Those disabled in auditory and verbal ways must accommodate, sign, and truly tune in. But most humans have one bondage—the power of words. This “superpower” however, may not always be expressed in the most proper and deep manners.

First, think of how hard it is for someone unable to speak to say hello. Picture their smile, the light and connection in their eyes, and their portrayal of feeling. Moreover, add this intensity to a common verbal hello, and I’d say that’s a nice greeting. In my eyes, this is the start to fullness of a conversation.

Next, the “hello” turns to the simple: “How are you?” “What have you been up to?” I sense that too many conversations people are considerably empty or somewhat posed just for politeness. Soon enough people are hanging awkwardly, looking for a way to retract from the blank stare and itch for a topic. Check yourself: make sure you truly care about the questions you ask and greetings you present. What’s so bad about being truly compassionate through any topic that may come to word of mouth even if it’s just a conversation about a good memory. Thinking about genuineness when talking to someone could also help from saying inappropriate, awkward, or regretful things, making someone feel like a conversation was forced in the first place.

Let’s not resign ourselves from one of the most beautiful gifts that come with the human form—speaking. It allows for closer relationships to be formed if they are done the right ways. I’m not saying everyone should know everything or be a best friend but give consideration in being more empathetic and real with everyone you meet. 2018 has been more fluent with the word “fake” than any other time, especially from the point of view of a freshman in college. It goes to show the major changes in communication skills, heart, kindness, and tolerance as the years have gone by. Sadly, it’s only getting worse.

SENSE the connection, DON’T JUST SPEAK IT. With more heart comes more hope, even in what was thought to be small talk. It’s a reminder that people truly care. Conversations can be opened that may truly need addressed and that can become more generally comfortable. A prime example of this is mental illness. This doesn’t have to a be a depressing or uncanny topic. It should be considerate and reassuring. This is not a conversation that needs resignation, but more people are dying from feeling a lack in love, respect, care, understanding, and hope. Don’t force it—any conversation—not everyone is meant to advocate it or be a therapist, but people can save it by just adding a nod to a conversation to show they’re truly listening. This isn’t some scary, weak, feeling- centered girl talk topic, but it’s the portrayal and acceptance of feelings. Moving on, having feelings or being compassionate does not mean a person is weak; it doesn’t have to be related to mental illness or “being emotional”. The word emotional tends to have a negative connotation with it. Most think it means crying, but I’m emotional about coaching softball games and that means I’m mentally in tune and normally jumping up and down when my little sluggers have a good run! Feelings are good or bad—a simple piece of life. Insert them. Be real, be compassionate in any aspect of conversation. Be deep, detailed, and direct. Believe it or not, you’ll feel more fulfilled— even talking about something as casual as sports, serious as politics, or deep as mental illness. Speaking correctly and genuinely can be that positive portrayal of life for someone, struggling or not. Everyone needs someone to talk to with a smile on their face and a strong ear. Let’s make small talk big. No need for conversation resignation. From a saying “hello”, to creating smiles, to sparking love, to saving lives, speaking can be a superpower.


Soul Signals

Stop the sinister smiles.

Don’t shake my hand if you won’t

remember my name.


I’m here to voice versus—

more like lyrics of language

That can make a long night

seem short.


Short and sweet

Can’t be the conversation

if you want words

to have a good aftertaste.


Leave me learning lessons about

Where you are

And where you’re going.

Empathy is everything

Compassion is key.

Let’s look at chapters

that change the world.


I’m not crazy.

I’m just compassionate,

and care about those

who walk my way.


I see you,

I hear you,

and feel the connection

coming in waves.


We can call them

Soul signals.

The words themselves don’t have to,

But look me in the eye

And tell me who you really are.



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