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The Company – poem by SMC

Well look, here comes that person again.  They’re nothing but trouble, oh just you wait and see.  If you stay around them, you will be nothing but bad company, oh just wait and see.

Well I wish people would just take the time to get to know me.  Yes, someone may have tattoos, a background, a mental illness, or something else wrong with them.  That just means they have a past, but not all people with a past are bad company.  There are some, a select few, who choose to change their path, that want a chance; but people only see the bad and not the good they do.  When they do well, only a few people notice, but when they do wrong, everyone takes notice.  So, which is more important: good company, good bad company you take a chance on, or just plain old bad company?

Which will it be?  Only you can take the time and chance to see.

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