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Thursday, June 6th, 2019 Conference Information

REGISTRATION 8:00am – 8:30am

National Speaker – Gabe Howard – 8:30am-9:30am

GABE HOWARD is an award-winning writer and speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders. He’s the host of the weekly Psych Central Show, an iTunes Top Ten podcast. He also co-hosts A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast, which explores life through the unique double lens of a young woman living with schizophrenia and a guy living with bipolar. He also writes for WebMD, Psych Central, bipolar magazine, and other distinguished publications. 

BREAKOUT SESSION 1: 9:45am-11:15am

1 – Bystander Intervention: How to Stop Sexual Assault and Bullying – Selina Vickers, MA, LSW

Training bystanders how to intervene in situations has been tremendously effective in a variety of ways – think CPR!  Research shows us that bystander intervention is an extremely effective method to address bullying and sexual assault.  This session will go in-depth to understand the psychological phenomenon known as the “bystander effect”, as well as learn how to overcome that effect and learn tools to intervene effectively when one is a bystander to bullying or sexual assault.

2 – The Costs of Caring and Self Care – Katherine Shelek-Furbee, MSW, LCSW

Session participants will engage in a discussion about the definition and symptoms of compassion fatigue (the costs of caring), complete self-assessment surveys and small group discussions that help to define their level of fatigue. Information will be presented on methods to prevent and address compassion fatigue. Participants will engage in self-assessment activities, small and large group discussions.

3 – Advocacy in the Digital Age – Gabe Howard & Michelle Hammer

Many people understand how to advocate for themselves or for others. But they don’t realize that some rules change when you’re online. They also forget that some rules stay exactly the same and neglecting them will lesson your odds of success.

LUNCH PROVDIED – 11:30am-12:00pm

National Speaker – Rudy Caseres – 12:00pm-1:00pm

Rudy Caseres is an award-winning public speaker, social media influencer, and event producer. He advocates for humane treatment in the mental healthcare system and effective suicide prevention. He has given over 100 presentations in front of grad students, doctors, psych ward patients, educators, and youth at junior highs, high schools, and juvenile detention facilities. His content has been featured in The Mighty, This is My Brave, HealthyPlace, The S Word, Project UROK, Sweatpants & Coffee, and Schizophrenic NYC. In 2017, he was awarded the NAMI California Outstanding Peer of the Year and named one of The Mighty’s Mental Health Heroes of 2017. In 2018, he produced This is My Brave —The Show: Los Angeles which featured people sharing their real stories of living with mental illness on stage at the historic Warner Grand Theatre. Rudy has proudly lived in San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA his entire life.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2: 1:15pm-2:45pm

1 – Unlocking Healthy Relationships – The Key to Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health – Linda Reeves, MS, MA, LSW, CTT, IMH-E(I)

Understanding infant/early childhood mental health and promoting healthy, trusted relationships is the key to preventing and treating mental health problems of very young children and their families.  It also helps guide the development of healthy social and emotional behaviors.  Basic to healthy development are the capacities to love, to feel, to develop a sense of self, and to adapt to one’s environment.  Infant and early childhood mental health is the social and emotional well-being of the very young child (birth to five years) in the context of family relationships, beginning at birth and extending through the preschool years. Learn more about infant and early childhood mental health and how important trusted relationships are for infants and young children.

2 – Objective Zero – Justin Miller

Democratizing suicide prevention through existing and emerging technologies and peer support.

3 – The Art of Yoga Project: Treating Complex Trauma with a Trauma-Informed Approach – Laura A. Smith & Katie Burns

The Art of Yoga project has been using yoga and creative expression to heal and empower incarcerated teen girls since 2005.  Recently, Crittenton Services, Inc. and Happy Goat Yoga have brought the program from California to Wheeling, WV and adapted the curriculum to target young women, many of whom are teen moms.  Laura A. Smith and Katie Burns, clinical staff at Crittenton Services, Inc., will briefly explain the neurobiology of trauma and how mindfulness-based techniques can rewire the brain to improve relationships and emotional regulation.  Participants will learn about the Art of Yoga curriculum and simple self-regulation techniques that they can use with the people that they serve and for themselves.

BREAKOUT SESSION 3: 3:00pm-4:30pm

1 – Providing Tele-Health Services in Rural Areas – Ken Nice, MSW, LICSW

There are many barriers in reaching those in need of behavioral health treatment in West Virginia. Tele-health is a service that can help breakdown some of those barriers. Ken is a licensed social worker, and director of Wellspring Family Services North, and will explain how he and the therapist at Wellspring use it to work with clients.

2 – Understanding and Treating Survivors of Chronic and Prolonged Early Childhood Trauma – Lynne Mañalac-Stanley, LICSW, CTT

The effects of chronic and prolonged, early childhood abuse and neglect leave behind a host of residual problems with brain function – particularly affecting emotional (limbic) function and executive (pre-frontal) performance.  Youth with these types of injuries to the brain often present with a broad range of functional problems, including: attachment issues; lack of empathy, trust or compassion; hyperkinesics; risky behaviors; aggression; violence; impaired socialization skills; poor decision-making and problem-solving skills; low ego strength; mood dysregulation and lability; impulsivity; and inability to discern what is and is not safe.  This workshop will provide an understanding of what happens to the developing infant and child brain as a result of long-term, repeated maltreatment and whether it is possible to rewire a child or adolescent brain that has been hard-wired for survival. 

(Optional) Fitness Happy Hour – Yoga – 4:45pm-5:45pm

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